With respect to any disclosure by you under this clause, you remain liable for any breach of this contract by the recipients of the confidential information, unless the party concerned has complied with a duty of confidentiality with the client essentially in the form of that agreement. This agreement does not require any party to conduct transactions between them and each party reserves the right to terminate, at its sole discretion, discussions or the use of services provided for in this Opportunity Agreement. No provision of this agreement should be construed as allowing Gengo to use or disclose its own confidential information. Our language translators and managers are assigned translation projects that span many sectors and businesses. Recently, we were asked to provide a Russian translation of commercial contracts to one of the largest telephone operators in Russia (the real names and details of customers are protected by Tomede`s confidentiality agreements). This special translation was a form NDA detailed directly from Moscow, and filled with a lot of legal terminology. For this reason, not only a professional Russian translation was required, but also Russian translators with extensive experience in legal translation. The other aspect of such a project is the sensitive information that we are talking about. Companies, large or small, as well as larger companies, need a professional translation service that they can trust with confidential information, as well as the ability to provide an accurate legal translation of a document or other pair of languages in this area.

To get a free offer for any business translation from NOA or another professional Russian translation service, just use the menu on the left to send us your documents or enter the total number of words to translate. You will receive an immediate estimate of the lowest possible translation rates from any leading translation company. A. Definition. « Confidential Information, » any information that Gengo or its subsidiary Gengo K.K. has disclosed directly or indirectly in writing, orally or by inspection of physical assets (including, but not limited, to research, product plans, products, services, equipment, customers, markets, software, inventions, processes, designs, designs, hardware configuration information , marketing and financing materials, prototypes, models, data sets and gene equipment). , whether or not they were declared « confidential » at the time of disclosure.